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01/10/2k2 ServerSpyIRC bot V0.7a added

added ServerSpyIRC bot V0.7a in section projects: major bugfix and new functions

12/10/2k1 ServerSpyIRC bot V0.7 added

added ServerSpyIRC bot V0.7 in section projects: more stable, better configuration like external config-file

09/12/2k1 ServerSpyIRC bot V0.6 added

added ServerSpyIRC bot V0.6 in section projects: new functions for users, better startscripts and bugfixes

08/30/2k1 counter&guestbook added

added counter and guestbook, thx to GOWEB

07/30/2k1 ServerSpyIRC bot V0.5 added

added ServerSpyIRC bot V0.5 in section projects, now it supports halflife server too

07/03/2k1 ServerSpyIRC bot added

added ServerSpyIRC bot in section projects, it's a perl-based Quake2 and Quake3 IRC-bot

05/14/2k1 new version V0.3 of Autoresponse added

added version 0.3 of the Autoresponse xchat scripts in section projects

03/21/2k1 xchat scripts added

added 2 xchat scripts in section projects
i think the autoresponse scripty is really helpfull for xchat users ;)

03/17/2k1 launch of homepage

first version of homepage released...

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